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Ivana Alawi Bundle

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Ivana Alawi Favorites 

Maraschino Cherries

 If you want to smell sexy in an obvious seductive way, and intriguing at the same time, Marashino Cherries is the one for you. It's a deep, dark, boozy cherry amaretto. So yes, love it and want it and need to have it initially, there is a burst of cherry, but then the other notes start to develop and I get a really complex, sexy fragrance. The cherry is always there. It's just that it starts out as the soloist and ends up as part of a powerhouse choir. My skin loves this and holds on to the scent for hours. The vanilla, cloves and cinnamon are always present yet soft in the background.

Vanilla Orchid & White Chocolate

On of the most best selling scents of Perfume Dessert. It has a unique addictive scent with a hint of vanilla, orchid & white chocolateMeant to evoke images of flirtatious lipstick kisses, the scent was designed with sensuous orchid as a middle note. Orchid, a fragrance reminiscent of lipstick, summons imagery of desire and beauty. This strong aroma is carried by coy base notes of white chocolate and vanilla. Raspberry lingers as a top note, giving this sweet fragrance a taste of candy kisses. Literally this one will make you smells expensive! It smells like Cartier Eau De Parfum


Plum & Black Locust

Ivana Alawi Favorite Perfume similar to JM Nectarine. This is perhaps Perfume Dessert's Most Popular Fragrance. It is the top choice for many people because of the succulent feel provided by the scent fresh plum, peach, and nectarine that complement the sweetness of acacia honey. Upon closing your eyes, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a Convent Garden on a early morning.


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Maryann Cubelo

Love it

Belinda Peralta

Ivana Alawi Bundle