How body chemistry affects perfume?

One of the more obvious factors that springs to mind when body chemistry is mentioned is sweat.

How much a person sweats depends on several factors such as diet, race, and physical activity?

Asians are known to sweat less than Europeans, Africans, and Americans. People living in cool climates also sweat less than those who live in warm climates.

When swear mixes with fragrances, there results a reaction, which may vary among ingredients of perfume and personal body chemistry.

Summer scents such as orange, greens and grass are found to mix well with sweat.

These scents are actually amplified when mixed with perspiration, taking on a certain depth when the sweating subsides and only the scent lingers.

What are Perfume Dessert fragrances that do well with perspiration?
  • Mandarin & Vetiver 
  • Grey Tea & Cucumber
  • Piña Colada
  • Carrot Cake
  • Orange Juice
  • Lemon Soda
  • Orange Sherbet & Mimosa
  • Apple Pomegrante Salad 
  • Persian Seasalt & Ambrette 
  • On the other hand, musk and wood also do not complement sweat, so these are better reserved for cooler weather or in much relaxed activities.
What is Parfum?

The MOST CONCENTRATED form you can get is Parfum, sometimes called perfume oil. 

With 30 to 40 percent oil (though usually on the lower end), it should last eight hours to twelve —though it could stick around even longer. 

Naturally, a scent that lasts all day will probably have a HEFTY PRICE tag.

A dab of parfum,though,can sometimes still be detected on a wrist or a neck up to 48 HOURS later.

Before you buy, though, learn the difference between cheap and expensive perfumes.

NOTE: Body chemistry has a major effect on fragrances and its lasting power; what smells great on one person and last all day long won't necessarily work on another.


They can be anywhere from 20 to 30 percent. Depending on how strong the one you get is, its scent will last anywhere from FOUR to EIGHT hours. They tend to be a lot cheaper than parfum, and with a scent that lasts almost as long as perfume, they could be the BEST OPTION. 


Body chemistry has a major effect on fragrances and its lasting power; what smells great on one person and last all day long won't necessarily work on another.

What is Body Mist?

Unsurprisingly, those big bottles of body mists won’t last nearly as long as a nice perfume. They’re 3 to 5 percent oil, meaning you’ll lose your scent less than two hours later.


Body chemistry has a major effect on fragrances and its lasting power; what smells great on one person and last all day long won't necessarily work on another.

What is Eau de cologne?

Cologne isn’t just for men. But even though it sounds fancier, eau de cologne has about the same scented oil concentration as a body mist. At two to five percent fragrance, it only lasts a couple hours. The scents tend to be lighter, like citrus smells, and don’t have strong base notes.


Body chemistry has a major effect on fragrances and its lasting power;  what smells great on one person and last all day long won't necessarily work on another.

How does dry skin reacts to fragrances?

DRY SKIN is characterized by nearly invisible pores, low elasticity, and rough complexion.

FRAGRANCES EASILY EVAPORATE ON DRY SKIN as there is not much oil for the fragrance molecules to adhere to. For fragrances to work well on dry skin, it is ideal to moisturize with an unscented – or similarly scented – lotion before spraying on fragrance to maximize its longevity.

How does normal skin reacts to fragrances?

NORMAL SKIN is CHARACTERIZED BY AN ALMOST FLAWLESS COMPLEXION with few or no imperfections, and barely visible pores.

As NORMAL SKIN has more oil content than dry skin,FRAGRANCES HAVE A BETTER LASTING POWER.

How does oily skin reacts to fragrances?

The BEST SKIN TYPE FOR FRAGRANCES TO CLING TO is OILY SKIN. Oily skin on the face may not be desirable, but on the rest of the body, it means better adhesion to fragrance molecules.

How to choose a suitable fragrance?

To choose a suitable fragrance, it is important to actually try the perfume personally which allow you to have a feel and whiff of the perfume before purchase,online shopping do not have the luxury to do that,but if you still very much like to order that perfume which you have been eyeing, our recommendation would be to get the mini version first.

This way, you can still give it to a friend or relative, should you find that it’s not suitable for your body type.

Will the perfume smell great on everyone?

It’s not just a matter of taste or preference or a matter of how the nose perceives a certain smell. Rather, it’s a matter of how the body reacts with the ingredients of a certain fragrance.

The truth is that a brand of perfume can be the Number 1 best-selling fragrance across the globe but it’s not going to smell great on everyone because of each person’s unique body chemistry.

What is Pheromones and how does Body Chemistry Affects Perfume?

Pheromones are predominantly secreted IN THE NECK and OTHER EROGENOUS areas, which is why they are commonly called “sex scent”.

The role of pheromones in one’s body chemistry has arguable impact on how fragrance smells on one person.


However, science research in this particular field still has much room for improvement, and many facts are debatable.


THIS EXPLAINS WHY THE SAME BOTTLE OF PERFUME CAN SMELL GOOD ON ONE PERSON BUT NOT ON THE OTHER. There are even some products which attempt to take advantage of this idea, but there’s still a huge debate as to whether it really works.

How can our Diet and Personal Lifestyle affect a person’s overall scent?

A person with a balanced diet – composed of meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, and dairy in recommended portions – smells differently from a person with a rigid diet of just one or two of the main food groups.

Vegans and vegetarians smell different from people whose diet consists mainly of meat or fish.

People who frequently eat spicy food also have a distinct, strong smell that can impart a spicy undertone to fragrances.

Similarly, taking medication for prolonged periods,cigarette smoking and frequent drinking of alcohol can also alter the chemical makeup of the body, significantly affecting bodily scent

Common mistakes made when selecting perfumes.
  • SMELLING IMMEDIATELY AFTER SPRAYING. When trying on a new perfume, wait around 30 seconds before smelling it so that its alcohol content has time to evaporate.

  • SMELLING TOO MANY SCENTS WITHOUT TAKING A BREAK. Testing more than three different perfumes in succession is not recommended. Try smelling a different scent in between spritzes, as it can absorb and neutralize smells. You can smell some coffee beans to ‘reset’ your sense of smell, or, if you don’t have anything near, even your shirt will do. Another trick is to drink water between spritzes to clean the palette. Limit yourself to six fragrances a trip at most. This will allow you to completely appreciate the complexity of each fragrance, and won’t overload your sense of smell.

  • WEARING SCENTS WHEN SELECTING PERFUMES. It’s better not to wear any scented skin products like body lotion, body sprays, or even deodorants with a strong scent as they can interfere with the scent of the perfume and distract you from it.

  • RUBBING YOUR WRIST TOGETHER. This is a mistake that should be avoided when testing perfumes on your wrist as well as when wearing it after purchase. Rubbing the wrists together will actually crush the scent. It will break the molecular bond between the top notes and make the scent weaker.

  • THINKING YOUR FRIEND'S PERFUME WILL WORK ON YOU TOO. Body chemistry plays a major role in how a fragrance smells on you. Your body chemistry is entirely different than your friend and how the same perfume reacts to each person is entirely different. So what might work wonders on your friend might be a fragrance disaster on you. So THE ONLY WAY TO PROPERLY TEST A FRAGRANCE IS TO TRY IT ON YOUR OWN BODY.

  • BEING PREJUDICED. Just because you might not like a certain note in one fragrance does not always mean you will dislike it in all perfumes. A perfume can have 10-200 ingredients and the balance is very delicate in each fragrance. So don’t discount certain fragrance notes based on prejudiced ideas.

  • NOT TRYING ANYTHING NEW. Always try to keep an open mind. Select a fragrance that expresses your individual style and also fits your lifestyle or occasion, rather than resorting to one perfume for a lifetime.
Having a difficult time deciding on what Perfume Dessert you want to try?

You may want to consider looking at your personality.

Sweet-smelling fragrance can evoke personality,traits,ideas and memories.

How to pick fragrance that matches my personality?
  • PD with FRESH notes

An outdoors and active person is certain to appriciate the FRESH scent that won't clash with the day-to- day lifestyle and it isnt overpowering.

A fresh fragrance is LIGHT,ENTICING but still NOTICEABLE. These perfumes are likely to include seawater,lime,dew,grass,herb,mandarin and lemon notes.A practical perfume like this compliments the lifestyle of those that spend minimal time of getting ready in the mornings or spend much time on manicure or hairstyle. A further benefit of using the natural or earthy scents is its ABILITY to HELP health issues like HEADACHE and INSOMIA.

PD scents : Cucumber Melon Cooler,Lemon Soda,

Mandarin & Vetiver,Grey Tea & Cucumber,

Persian & Seasalt, Orange Juice,Carrot Cake,

Piña Colada,Apple Pomegrante Salad

  • PD with FLORAL Notes:

A floral fragrance is preferred by STYLISH and GIRLY individual. They like to engage in casual afternoon dates, shopping sprees and outdoor brunch.This is a very traditional style that has been favored for a long time. Floral perfumes are a favorite in warm summer months. Light notes include a variety of light ingredients such as violet ,peonies,freesia,gardenia,jasmine, lily and rose.

PD Scents: Amber & Bluebell,Sakura,Plum & Black Locust,Juicy Pear & Corvette,Peony & Red Apples,Jasmin & Peppermint

  • PD with Oriental and Aromatic Scents:

An oriental perfume based is likely MYSTERIOUS and seductive. They give a SEXY and GLAMOROUS fragrance which makes them perfect for big dates,and formal occassions.

These perfumes are certain to help grab attention.Common notes to appear in this range include dark chocolate,vanilla,patchouli,musk and sandalwoods.

PD Scents: Red Velvet,Orange Sherbet Mimosa,Hazelnut & Cedar,Red Velvet, Cake Pops,

Berries & Bay Leaf,Cookie Dough

  • PD with fruity and sugary notes:

This range of perfumes is certain to remind you of food. Many of the fragrances in this range are attractive and sensual to males.This is the scent can remind of comforting events that can relate to family and food. The QUIRKY and BUBBLY person is certain to appriciate this kind of fragrances.Some enjoyable notes includes citrus, caramel,fruits,berries,honey.

PD: Scents: Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream,Raspberry Smoothie,Bubble Gum,

Cotton Candy Unicorn,Strawberry Shortcake,Peach Bourbon Popsicle,Meringue,Fruit Tart,French Macaron

What is the right way of applying perfume?
  • Hold fragrance away from your body. You will want to be at least 3- 7 inches away from your body part.
  • Spray perfume onto your "pulse points" — chest,wrist,back of your your ears, or behind your knees.
  • Use targeted sprays.
  • Dab your perfume on.
  • Try not to overdo it with the perfume.
  • Let your "pulse point" dry without rubbing it.


Where is the ideal area to apply perfume?

Perfume is activated by body heat.

Pulse points located on your wrist are warm because of close the blood pumps near the skin's surface, therefore making an ideal area to apply perfume.

Other warm points on your body include behind the ears, at the bottom of the throat, the inside of the elbow, and behind the knees