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Bamboo Fresh Florals



 Home Collection Room & Linen Spray 

Whether for freshening up your linen closet, adding a pleasant scent to a room before having company over, or helping you lull into relaxation mode, using linen sprays at home is a small way to elevate your day. They provide the same pleasant aromatic effect as lighting a scented candle but concentrated within a single spritz.

Give your home the fancy-hotel treatment by opening the windows, airing the room out, and spritzing some of this gorgeous scent from PD HOME COLLECTION on your curtains and couch cushions. These lavish ROOM & LINEN SPRAY from the esteemed fragrance house is undoubtedly a splurge, but its delicate scent is enough to melt any stressful day away. From making your bed to your wardrobe to even the inside of your car smell like a million bucks, here are our first batch of fresh linen sprays to complement every mood.