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Perfume Dessert London


Top notes are Reed, Mint, Green Lilac, Mandarin Orange and Pink Pepper;
Middle notes are Water Lily, Pepper, White Peach, Violet, Amaryllis and Elle Rose;
Basenotes are Cedar, White Musk and Vanilla. Elle is a Floral Aquatic fragrance for women. This is not a just a fragrance, but a space defining, ethereal openness. The scent is absolutely transparent; a dazzling, free-flowing, intangible air opens the lungs. That is not to say it doesn't possess substance; it is to say the composition transcends the confines of its space. This perfume becomes the breath around you, and feels thoughtfully unimposing. Green and aquatic notes are in total balance and lift vertical space. Fresh and musky elements create horizontal blithe.
The scents we'll be spritzing all season long! It will provide that fresh-from-the-shower scent and feel, giving you a subtle but pleasant body scent that's never overpowering. Not only do they smell great, but they feel great on the skin and often help keep skin healthy and hydrated. Floral fragrances are so popular is because they're both classic and wildly diverse, meaning anyone can find a flower-inspired scent to wear.